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In the writers’ room at Justified, characters live and die by the code. This code, often referred to as the “show bible”, includes the dos and don’ts for each character, storyline and setting. After all, a Harlan man isn’t the same as his Lexington-based brethren. And if caughton the barrel’s end of a shotgun, Raylan and Boyd would each have their own, unique approach to the same dilemma. It’s these codes that drive the world of ; but when in doubt, you’ll often hear the writers ask, “What would Elmore do?”

With Graham Yost guiding the room, Elmore Leonard’s novels and characters have helped mold the show and its bible. Recently, I came across an article with a set of its own do’s and don’ts for Justified. As it turns out, we seem to agree on more than a couple of things. Check out the article by clicking the link below:

And as a quick side-note…. a special congratulations to the Justified costume department who recently helped Raylan Givens land the #1 spot on GQ’s “Top 25 Most Stylish Men on TV.”

Yup, we beat Don Draper!

Check out the GQ Top 25 by clicking the link below:

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