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Sometimes bigger isn’t better. And, this week, Co-Executive Producer Dave Andron explains why.

In the first draft, the episode’s final showdown was about swat teams. It was about tactical surveillance. Hell, it was about the whole cavalry. Yet, somehow in the final cut, it became a face-off between just a few individuals with a lot to lose and little time to find salvation. And without the hustle and bustle distractions of Lexington’s finest swarming in the nearby bushes, you could really feel those stakes and get inside the minds of each character.

Sometimes you have to scale it back, so the heart of the story can be built up. Whether it’s a big, action scene or just a moment of desperation in the life of an addict, Justified knows it’s the humanity that counts.

This week I sat down for an interview with Dave Andron to discuss the humanity in his episode, “Harlan Roulette”, and how scaling it back can actually amplify the stakes when done right.

And, oh, was it done right!

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