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They say dying is easy; comedy is hard. Well, last night’s episode—“The Devil You Know”—flipped that debate on its head. On one side of the coin, Jeremy Davies (Dickie Bennett) and Damon Herriman (Dewey Crowe) find comedy with ease while on-the-run after their recent prison escape. Alternatively, Boyd’s storyline navigates the dark depths of drama as he struggles with a traitor amongst his crew.

Well, when it comes to weaving a bit of comedic relief into a dramatic tale, Shakespeare does it best. But Justified Producer Taylor Elmore is a close second! If you’re not laughing when Dewey squirms with panic, trapped inside a black, coroner’s bag… check your pulse.

To find out more about writing for comedy, take a look at the newest blog video where I interview Taylor Elmore and get a behind-the-scenes look at his episode, “The Devil You Know”.

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