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Andy Serkis, dinosaurs, and Joshua Tree. Sounds like your prototypical nightmare, right? No, it’s just what happens when Jon Worley puts pen to paper. If you watched last night’s episode, “Thick as Mud”, you were graced with a glimpse into the minds of Jon Worley and Benjamin Cavell. Last night, Worley and Cavell took us on a romp through Harlan as Dewey Crowe desperately tries to raise enough money to buy his kidneys back (yes, his kidneys). It’s not every day that a TV drama has the confidence to focus an episode on one of their auxiliary characters, but when you have an actor like Damon Herriman, it just makes sense.

Well, I caught Jon in one of his more lucid moments, turned on the cameras, and discussed the behind-the-scenes making of his and Ben’s episode. The result is unbelievable, to say the least.

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