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You would never have known it, but by watching this week’s episode, you got yourself a bit of a history lesson. Courtesy of Justified.

You see, not many people know about Kentucky’s Coe Ridge Colony. In fact, it was a new piece of history for many of the Justified writers. But when it was brought up in the writers’ room, it didn’t take long to realize that Coe Ridge needed to become part of the Justified landscape. And, thus, Nobles Hollar—home to Ellstin Limehouse—was born.

Nobles Holler shares much of Coe Ridge’s history. Like Coe Ridge, Nobles Holler is a small sliver of country cut out by emancipated slaves following the Civil War. As one can imagine, keeping the people and culture of Coe Ridge secure from outside threats became a constant battle. It was the colony’s willingness to defend itself, by any means necessary, that kept enemies out and ushered in abused and battered women from all over the state, hoping to escape their hot-tempered lovers. After all, no white man was dumb enough to try and chase his wife into a holler like Coe Ridge.

In this week’s writer’s recap video, I sat down with Nichelle Tramble Spellman—one of the writers of “When the Guns Come Out” (the other being Co-Exec. Producer Dave Andron)—to discuss the genesis of Nobles Holler, the history of Coe Ridge, and all the usual behind-the-scenes goodness from the Justified set.

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