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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that television is a business. A TV show needs an audience to turn a profit. Without the audience, advertisements would fall on empty living rooms and the paying advertisers would simply disappear. So it will always be important to produce quality TV, because the audience knows when they’re watching good TV and when to hit the off switch.

But sometimes making good TV just isn’t enough. Sometimes, to make a profitable show, you have to leave room for profit; meaning, you have to reduce spending when possible. For years, producers have been employing the trick of ‘cross-boarding’ to save money. When an episode shoots, typically, scenes that take place on the same set are shot together on the same day regardless of when they occur within the episode’s timeline.  This technique, which allows the producers to shoot out of sequence, saves both time and money (which are often one in the same when it comes to production).

This year on Justified, we took ‘cross-boarding’ one step further. Instead of just grouping the scenes by set for one episode, we did ‘cross-boarding’ for two— episodes 307 and 308. By ‘cross-boarding’ these episodes together—both directed by Peter Werner—we were able to save a day of filming.

Well ‘cross-boarding’ isn’t the only behind-the-scenes tid bit that I’ve got for you today. In this week’s Writer’s Recap video, Ryan Farley talks about his episode—“The Man Behind the Curtain”—being on set, and what it’s like to work with some of Justified’s new talent.

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