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Achieving the look and feel of Justified is a collaborative effort drawing from every aspect of the show. Sometimes it’s the Southern drawl. Sometimes it’s a slightly tipped Stetson hat. And, sometimes, it’s the music.

When the producers of Justified heard Lynda Kay for the first time, they knew they had to find a place on the show for her. Her music was just too Justified to be left out of this season! And if you watched Lynda Kay perform on this past week’s episode of Justified, I’m sure you agree. 

Well Lynda, being the kind-hearted woman that she is, wanted to thank the Justified team in her own way. So she arrived to our office looking like she had just stepped off the Ed Sullivan stage—wearing her trademark, gold-sequin suit and a perfect coif—and began to play. She performed two songs for the writers and staff (one of which—“Jack and coke”—she performed in episode 308) and then presented Justified creator Graham Yost with a coffin-shaped guitar case, stamped with the Justified logo. Pretty badass!

Noticing the opportunity, I quickly grabbed my phone and hit record (Sorry about the quality, folks). You can see Lynda, Graham, and the coffin case in today’s special-edition video.

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