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Season one of Justified: VJ Boyd was the show’s writers’ PA. He was a bright-eyed, hard-working assistant who barista-ed the coffee, corralled the lunches, and smiled through it all. Well last night, his first episode aired. VJ has done what many only dream of: going from assistant to staff writer in the span of one season.

When Graham Yost first read VJ’s spec pilot (Note: a spec is a script written as a writing sample… aka, without pay or promise), he was impressed by VJ’s sense of humor. When you read script submissions for Justified, you come across a lot of cop genre specs and the writing tends to be bogged down by the conventions of the genre. The writing can get a little grim. But for Yost, VJ’s writing was more than just a bunch of cops yelling cop-like things at one another; VJ’s characters were smart, engaging.

So VJ paid his dues as an assistant and, last night, he reaped the benefits as his episode, “Guy Walks Into A Bar”, opened with: Written by VJ Boyd. Everyone likes when the good guy wins in the end and VJ is your quintessential good guy. So from all of us at Justified, we’d like to congratulate VJ on his episode and all of his hard work!

If you’d like to hear a few more details about VJ’s road to becoming a writer, check out this week’s Writer’s Recap video.


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