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This week I’ve got a couple of very cool surprises in store for you. First, T.O.N.E.-z goes Hollywood…

When I heard T.O.N.E.-z (the rapper on Justified’s theme song) would be visiting the Justified set, I grabbed my camera and hustled over to video village. T.O.N.E.-z spent the day on the Nobles Holler set and we got a little surprise once inside Limehouse’s BBQ joint—an acapella version of “Long Hard Times to Come”.

Also, I’ve got a great Writer’s Recap video for you this week. As you can probably tell: things are heating up in Harlan. Alliances, in addition to enemies, are being made left and right. Well I sat down with Ben Cavell, the writer of “Measures”, to discuss this week’s episode and sort through all the high-stakes action.

Enjoy the videos! See you next week after another heart-stopping episode of Justified!


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