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Not everything that is written ends up on the screen, especially how it is written.

When Taylor Elmore turned in his first draft of “Coalition”, the opening scene had me in stitches. It was such a funny, surprising piece of writing, but I knew only a handful of people would ever read it. So it seemed likely (and, frankly, a bit sad) that this hilarious section would go unseen by the fans of Justified.

Well, when it came to writing this week’s blog post, I immediately saw an opportunity to show you all an overlooked side of screenwriting. And I saw a chance to make you laugh. Now, keep in mind that the script page (below) is from an old draft and that things do differ from what you saw in the episode when it aired. For example, originally, this scene was the episode’s Teaser—the first scene you see before the theme song kicks in—but now occurs shortly after Act One begins. All and all, I just wanted to show you—the fans—how much fun the Justified writers have in making this show, if it wasn’t already obvious.

(Click page image for full-size view)

And to find out more about all the craziness that occurred while writing, filming, and editing episode 312, check out this week’s Writer’s Recap video with Producer/Writer Taylor Elmore.

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