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And with a clean chop of the arm, season three of Justified comes to an end.

This season has been the definition of an adventure! We discovered a new world in Nobles Holler and found tragedy in a villain’s fall from grace. We’ve watched Boyd—with his queen beside him—strengthen his hold over Harlan, but not without struggle. And, most of all, we’ve seen Raylan’s understanding of “family” move further and further away from home, settling somewhere between a lonely apartment above a bar and the Lexington Marshal’s office.

I remember, at the start of the season, the big question was: how do you fill the shoes of Mags Bennett. Well, from the start, the writers of Justified knew that those shoes were not to be filled, rather to be complimented. And so we met Quarles and Limehouse. Two new pairs of shoes, formidable and intriguing.

Thirteen episodes later, we are left with just as many questions as answers. Where will Raylan, Winona, and their unborn child find themselves next season? How much further can Boyd and Ava push their luck before the law wedges them apart? And they say you never get out of Harlan alive, but will we see Quarles and Limehouse again?

Well, before we get ahead of ourselves and jump into season four, I sat down with Executive Producer Fred Golan for one last, season three Writer’s Recap video. Fred and I discussed the season finale and more than a few juicy, behind-the-scenes moments, including how the Justified team managed to cut a man’s arm off!

So enjoy the video. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you next season!

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